14 Things You Can Only Learn From Your Almost Relationship After It Ends

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1. To accept apologies you’ll never actually get.

Amicable break-ups are a myth. A break-up can be mutual, it can be necessary, you can openly say that you care for the other person but the timing wasn’t right. But anything that ends with you crying on the bus ride home isn’t amicable. Almost relationship break-ups pose the same problem. There’s always something you wanted to say but didn’t. There’s always an apology you deserved and didn’t get – because you never asked, or because your not-boyfriend was unyielding. You will learn to accept the apology you never got because it’s the only choice you have.

2. Why they wouldn’t commit.

The real reason. Not the lie they’ll spin over drinks back when anything they said would have been believable enough. The almost relationship will end and you’ll see what they are actually hiding from because it’s what they’ll revert back…

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The Girl Who’s Okay With Being Just A F*ck Buddy

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I’m the girl you want to chill with but never love. I’m the girl you can talk to but also fuck. I’m the girl you really like, but not enough.

I listen to your stories, your complaints, your moans and your sighs. I listen to you talk about that girl with the fine ass while you pound into mine. I give you advice on how to best come on to her while I’m making you come. I’m not complaining, though. I’m just here to get some.

You don’t see me as a hoe because you consider me a bro. A bro you chill with, watch Netflix with, play Xbox with, and fuck with. A bro who’ll never steal your girl, because she’s also a girl you fuck.

In so many ways, you know I might just be the perfect girl. I fuck you and yet I…

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First blog

so I’m new to this whole blogging thing. But I came across it in a movie that I had watched last week. The movies was called “ask me anything” and those of you who have seen it my life somewhat reflects her in a way, take out some things and the dramatic ending to it. But whatever. Anyways so I decided to start writing a blog about what’s going on with me? I guess? 

I mean I would like to know with my daily life situations I’m not the ONLY one out there with these problems. Especially a certain one.